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Before and After Background Removal Service

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This is the process by which a photo editor carefully isolates a specific product and removes the background from an image. The background details are erased from the file leaving the editor with only the isolated object. The editor may replace the background with a solid color or choose to place the isolated object into another scene. The goal is to create a pleasing view of the object that will highlight specific qualities in the product.

How to Remove the Background of an Image?

There are many different ways to remove the background from an object. Some individuals will use a program like Background Burner or Pic Monkey. These programs will remove the background and isolate an object, however, the quality of the removal is not always of the highest quality. These programs will perform a quick and dirty removal that doesn’t necessarily create a pleasing image.

Most professionals use Photoshop to remove the background from an image. The program allows a professional to carefully remove the smallest details to ensure that the removal is accurate and that no details are lost in the removal. The goal is to create an image in which the viewer cannot tell that the original background was removed. The isolate object should look natural within the image and not have any strange halos around the object.

The tool professionals use in Photoshop is called the background remover tool. You have to manually remove the background by dragging the tool over the background- this is how Picsera pros do it! Removing a background can be time-consuming work when the image contains a multitude of colors or a background with many different objects behind the product.

Pricing for Background Removal Services

Pricing is usually dependent on image complexity. In other words, how difficult it would be to "cut" around the perimeter of the object so that the background can be removed or replaced. It is similar to what you would do with scissors to cut out an object on paper, but done by an expert with software. Objects with complex or fuzzy shapes are harder to clip than simple objects, so they are more expensive to edit.

Example of Simple Background Removal


Level One Background Removal on Product Images by Picsera


Examples of Advanced Background Removal


Level Two Background Removal on Product Images by Picsera


Picsera offers a background removal service that will save you time and stress. Our professional editors manually remove the background using Photoshop to ensure your product looks its best. Check out our background removal services below: