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Say bye to sleepless nights retouching photos, your partner in post production is here.

Retouching your own photos is slowing you down. Trust Picsera to become your partner for all your post production needs, allowing you gain more time to book more jobs and grow your business.

checkmark Fast Turnarounds. How long does it take for you to retouch 1 or 100 photos? With Picsera, you'll be able to get hundreds of professionally retouched images in just a couple of days.

checkmark Cost Effective- We offer service levels starting at just a couple of dollar per image.

checkmark Consistent & Reliable Editing. Your shooting style is unique and so should be your retouching. We'll go through an on-boarding process to learn your editing style to provide consistent retouching in all your images.


I really enjoy the growing relationship I have with Picsera,” said DaCosta. “Very straightforward pricing, good customer service, and a constantly evolving platform.

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Choose Your Retouching Level

For your convenience, we've put together retouching packages according to the editing level you're looking for. Essential is the basic level, and Extensive the highest. If you're not sure what retouching level you should get, just request a quote or talk to us through the chat.

Essential Retouching

Level 1

Our basic portrait retouch combines color correction and retouching into one complete package. We’ll color balance the image, fix minor flaws, and enhance skin and teeth. This service is recommended for albums and smaller size (up to 8×10) prints. For as low as $2.50/ image.

checkmark Advanced color correction

checkmark Basic Retouching

Artistic Retouching

Level 2

Includes all the features from our Essential Portrait Retouch (color correction and retouching) PLUS a more complex retouching and artistic styling.  Ideal for larger prints (8×10 and up) or images used for marketing such as on your blog page or Instagram. Starting at just $6.95

checkmark Advanced color correction

checkmark Moderate retouching

checkmark Creative and artistic effect styling

Extensive Retouching

Level 3

The Extensive retouching service is for those special situations when the image needs some more time such as removing braces, replacing a sky, removing a large object or extending the background of the image. Starting at 12.95 per image.

checkmark Advanced color correction

checkmark Extensive retouching

checkmark Additional services: head swaps, color replacement, body contouring, braces removal, glare removal, & more

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Is the art of changing parts of an image either drastically or in a subtle way in order to get the photography ready for presentation.