"If You Want to Work Faster, You Need a Team. If You Want to Work Smarter, You Need PICSERA!" - Clay Blackmore

The Right Team for Your Job

As your photo editing team Picsera helps you focus on what you do best, being a professional photographer. With our help, you can increase customer satisfaction and get paid faster by delivering jobs in days, not weeks! We also help you:

  • Increase Revenue – By staying focused on clients and building the business
  • Raise the Bar – By offering retouching services from highly skilled artists
  • Avoid Burnout – By delegating tedious tasks to our team of professionals

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Blackmore’s Posing Guide includes 15 of his favorite photos, camera information, a detailed description of his technique, and tips on how you can achieve the same results. Aside from the technical aspects Clay offers tips on how to develop trust with your subjects so that you too can capture magical moments on camera.

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"The images were amazing! My client was ecstatic. I was relieved from not having to spend my Sunday in front of the computer editing photos!!! Thank you Picsera!!"

Robert Stolpe, President, Professional Photographers Guild of Florida