HDR Processing & Panorama Stitching for Real Estate

Do you shoot architectural images and real estate photography that showcases residential and commercial properties? You should be using two very common editing techniques for real estate photography, HDR processing and Panoramic stitching.

With our panorama services we stitch multiple images together to create a broader view of the property. Starting at just $14.95 per image, this enhanced view is a must-have marketing tool to promote your property.

Our premium HDR services deliver high quality images that look beautiful and natural. This service is essential to produce the warm and inviting light you're looking for in property images, and get rid of any shadows or distractions that may take away from the photo.

Whether you're a real estate photographer with lots of experience, a realtor, or real estate company looking to enhance your images, our Panorama and Premium HDR services are for you. No technical knowledge required, just send us your images and we'll do all the work for you.

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When you are trying to cover a very wide area in one frame and your wide angle lens is insufficient, just shoot multiple images and Picsera will stitch them together to create a abeautiful, panoramic, wide angle image. Aside from creating a very wide angle field of view in one image, Panoramas do not contain as much distortion as what is typically found in some wide angle lenses. You end up with an amazing composition and with a lot of information in one frame.