You Shoot the Wedding,
We'll Do the Editing

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Weddings can be very tedious jobs. You shoot thousands of photos of a single wedding and then have to spend many hours or days culling, color correcting, cropping, retouching! There is not enough time to take care of post-production and be able to make money shooting multiple weddings a week.

Picsera's team is here to help! We take care of all the post-production, so you can spend more time shooting and growing your business. The time you spend editing your photos, could be spend shooting and making more money.

Why Picsera? We work as your virtual photo editing team without the hassle of managing or hiring. We take time to learn your style preferences, and offer US based support whenever you need it.

US Based Support. Free Revisions. Experts in Photo Editing


Photo Editing Bundles to Get Started: Culling, Color Correction, & Cropping
Picsera offers everything you need to start your post production process: culling, color correction, and cropping. We have designed these bundles for Lightroom to allow for faster uploading time. With these workflows, you'll be able to send us thousands of photos in a fraction of the time! Choose one of the services below to get started:



Bundle Services for wedding photographers. Everything form culling to color correction and retouching.